Breakout Chain and Breakout Coin

Breakout Chain is a global payment system with minute transaction fees. It allows users to send money anywhere in the world instantly and directly to a recipient, without any middlemen. Carried on a single distributed ledger, known as a blockchain, exist several currencies with different uses.

At the heart of the Breakout Chain “Multicurrency” system is the currency Breakout Coin (ticker: BRK). It is the Breakout Chain currency designated for payments, issuance of colored coins, pegged currencies, and used to fuel our smart contract system.

Alongside Breakout Coin is another currency called Breakout Stake (BRX). Breakout Stake owners have the right to validate blocks of Breakout Chain ledger entries. For each block, the validator is permitted to claim a reward for performing the validation. Block rewards are 20 BRK.

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